Tutorials for the next generation of elite ballers

Welcome to SpikeSchool!

Here you'll find some helpful resources to get you started as well as some great drills to push your game to the next level.

We've also got some great tutorials for how to introduce Roundnet to a younger audience using the Spikeball Rookie Kit. Just keep scrolling down.



To get you started we have Tutorials 1 -5 with Skyler Boles, 2 x US National Champion, and yes, 1 x AUS National Champion too (don't ask why we invited him).


Okay, now we are serving up some drills for the intermediate players. Skyler takes us through some hitting, passing and defensive drills to get you tournament-ready. 


If you can consistently nail these drills then you are playing a really high level and if you are not playing in tournaments YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD BE!

But first, here's how to set up your new kit!

Beginner Tutorials

SpikeSchool Lesson 1: Passing

SpikeSchool Lesson 2: Hitting

SpikeSchool Lesson 3: Defence

SpikeSchool Lesson 4: Deception

SpikeSchool Lesson 5: Serving

Intermediate Tutorials

SpikeSchool: Intermediate Hitting Drills 1

SpikeSchool: Intermediate Passing Drills

SpikeSchool: Intermediate Defence Drills

Advanced Tutorials

SpikeSchool: Advanced Hitting Drills

SpikeSchool: Advanced Passing Drills

SpikeSchool: Advanced Defense Drills

Spikeball Rookie Tutorials

Introducing Roundnet to Primary School aged students. These tutorials will give you some ideas about how to get young players playing and learning some of the fundamental skills involved in Roundnet. There are also some game modifications that students and teacher alike will enjoy. 

Spikeball Rookie Game: Catch and Throw

Spikeball Rookie Game: Pass and Spike

Spikeball Rookie Game: Roundnet 2-on-2 and 3-on-3

Spikeball Rookie Game: 1 on 1 Spikeball