About Us

Roundnet Australia

Roundnet Australia works with the Australian Roundnet Association to grow the sport of Roundnet in Australia. We do this by hosting tournaments, supporting players to create clubs and representing the Spikeball brand in Australia. 

Our Story

It started out with a kit. How did it end up like this?

I guess you could say it was love at first spike. 

Five years later we can't believe the growth of the sport in Australia and can't wait to take Roundnet to the world stage. Belgium 2021, here we come.

Our Mission

We are passionate about Roundnet! Our mission is to nurture healthy communities of Roundnet players and supporters across Australia through fun competition

Our Vision

We believe Roundnet will be an important player in shaping the future of recreational and competitive sport in Australia. 

Our Values

Customers first - the most important part of our business is you! To us, this means we put the following values to work everyday.



Hard work