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You've got a kit now join the movement!

We want to make sure you know how to take your game to the next level and help us grow Roundnet in Australia. 

As an emerging sport we want to assist players like you to join, form and grow Roundnet communities wherever you live.

You'll find more information about how to do that here and when you need some help from us, just ask!

In the meantime, check out some of the upcoming free events we are hosting.

Free Upcoming Roundnet Events

Gold Coast Roundnet Sessions

Where: Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach, QLD

Link to Google Map: Meet us here

Date: Saturday 27th March

Time: 9am

Who: All ages, all abilities.

Cost: $0.00. Please register below.

Melbourne City Roundnet Sessions

Where: Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North, VIC

Link to Google Map: Meet us here

Date: Thursday nights from the 25th of February to 1st April.

Time: 6pm-8pm

Who: All ages, all abilities.

Cost: $0.00. Please register below.

Sydney Roundnet Sessions

Where: Meadowbank Park, Meadowbank, NSW

Link to Google Map: Meet us here

When: Monday nights from 6pm-8pm

Who: All ages, all abilities.

Cost: $0.00. Please register below.

Form a Team

Find a friend and form a team. It's that simple!

Join a Club

Join a local club or get at least one other team together and start your own club!

Win a Tournament

Find a tournament near you and bring your cheer squad.

form a team

There's nothing really formal about this!

Just find a friend that you enjoy playing Roundnet with and give yourself a team name. Simple. 

Ideally you will find someone just as keen as you are and when you are ready, join a club or tournament. 

Join a club (or start your own)

We can assist you to setup your own Recognised Roundnet Club. All you need is at least four players to become members of the Australian Roundnet Association and you are almost there. 

And yes, there are some sweet perks. Keep us up to date with your events  and we'll send a brand spankin' new kit to you to introduce your friends to the most addictive new sport on the planet.

Head to our Clubs page to find out more. 

Clubs? Yes please.


All that's left to do now is to become the next Roundnet World Champion!

To get you there, we host official Roundnet tournaments where you can accumulate points towards your National Ranking.

We also love to support Roundnet Clubs, Schools and Universities to host their own tournaments and events.

See all tournaments

Your Roundnet Community

Roundnet is still an emerging sport in Australia so your community might not be as busy as the local footy club, but that's okay because we're the pioneers!

You'll see a bunch of ways you can start to connect with players below. Make sure you like, follow, subscribe, join and download. Soon enough people will be asking you how to connect in.

Find and join us on Facebook

Click your state logo below and and join the group. Meet new players, host a pickup game and get active!

The Spikeball App

Need a 4th player? Tired of always beating the same group of friends?

Download the free Spikeball App. It’s the place to schedule & find pick-up games, connect with nearby players, and shoot the breeze with the rest of the Spikeball community.

You can even build your profile so you can see what you should be aiming for to improve your game. As you improve you'll unlock badges and gain some priceless street cred amongst the world of elite ballers.

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