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You just made the best decision. By bringing Roundnet to your school you are writing yourself into the history of the next great sport in Australia.

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Schools Tell Us Roundnet Is...

New and exciting

Particularly by the time students are in high school they have pretty well formed opinions about which sports they like and don't like. But Roundnet is different. 

Everyone wants to give it a try!

Highly engaging

Roundnet is a 2 vs. 2 sport where consecutive hits must alternate between team mates so students are highly involved.

In a typical three hit play (receiving, setting and spiking) each student would be involved in every offensive play.

Building on existing skills

Every student has played downball/four-square/handball at least once in their life.

Roundnet builds on the hand-eye coordination and body positioning but adds the team aspect of beach volleyball and a 360 degree dimension. 

Skills, Drills & Game Modifications

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