2023 Victorian Beach Tournament

2023 Victorian Beach Tournament

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Beach spike at Rye in summer. It doesn't get better than that!

Go on, sign up with a mate, get out there and have a crack!

Date: 28th January, 2023

Time: From 10:00am until approximately 3pm

Location: Rye, Victoria

Google Map: Meet here!

What to expect: Legends playing roundnet at the beach of course! Everyone is welcome to come along regardless of skill level or experience. We'll have mixed teams and women's teams too. And if you don't have a partner feel free to register as a free agent and get in touch with us so we can hook you up with your new best friend.  

The day will be divided into two parts. The first part is what we call "pool play" where you play the other teams in your pool. As we will have mixed skill sets you might have some easier games and some tough ones! Then when all those games have been played we move into "bracket play". In this second stage you are seeded based on your performance in the pool play and to win the day you need to be the one undefeated team. If you drop a game then you will go on to play against other people who lost. We find that most people feel like they get more than enough games to play. You'll rest well that night. 

Registration: Closes 26th January 

Completing Your Registration: This item is for one player. Teams consist of two players. 

Following your purchase you will automatically be sent an email to complete your registration online which should only take 2 minutes. One player can purchase two tickets but in order to be eligible to play both players need to complete their registrations via the link that will be sent to the purchaser. 

More questions? Get in touch via our Contact page.