Frequently Asked Questions

Spikeball is the name of the sporting brand that produces Spikeball kits for playing Roundnet. Roundnet is the next great sport that is taking off all around the world. Most similar to beach volleyball with two players on each team however instead of hitting over the net, you "spike" the ball onto the net in a way that makes it difficult (or better, impossible) for the opposition to return. After the serve bounces off the net there are no boundaries in this 360 degree exhilirating new sport.

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You should have received a set of instructions with your kit but if you would prefer to watch our tutorial read on. 

Check out this vintage clip of Spikeball CEO setting up the Original Spikeball Kit, circa 2014.

Two players on each team set up on opposite sides of the Spikeball net. After the serve hits the net there are no sides or boundaries. Each team has up to three hits to successfully return the ball onto the net in a way that it cleanly bounces off without hitting the frame or bouncing twice. The aim is to spike the ball onto the net in a way that the opposition cannot sucecsfully return it. Games are played to 21 but you can play to whatever you like. Pretty soon your serves will be faster, your rallies will be longer and your spikes hard to return! Visit for instructional videos and handy tips to improve your game.

At tournaments we use Spikeball Pro kits to play Roundnet with four players (two teams of two). There are heaps of modifcations to the game though so you can play with two, three, four, six or even more!

Spikeball kits are so portable you can take them anywhere. You can play Roundnet using your Spikeball kit everywhere from the beach, on grass to indoor court surfaces. You can see on social media that people have played on the snow, on water (using the Spikebuoy) and for an exciting variation on a squash court - walls included!

We want to introduce as many students to the sport of Roundnet as possible, so we are really keen to assist schools to get their own Spikeball kits. We offer schools a discount, just get in touch via our Schools Page so we can send you a quote.