Roundnet Clubs

So you want to play like this?

Roundnet Clubs

We're pumped you are interested in either joining a Roundnet Club or starting you own. 

We are still building the Club network, so for now if you are wanting to find a local club, we would love to hear from you to point you in the right direction. Shoot us a message via Contact Us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What's that? You are thinking about starting your own club... respect.

Our basic guide should help answer some questions but before we go any further we should let you know something. We are passionate about growing healthy Roundnet communities across Australia but we understand that our growing sport doesn't have significant funding or infrastructure to support it yet. So we want you know that when we say Recognised Roundnet Club we don't mean to say that it is a legal entity like a lot of sporting clubs that are registered Incorporated Associations. This also means that whilst our official Roundnet Australia events covered by our insurance policy we cannot (unfortunately) extend that to events beyond those that we host. We hope to see our Club network grow and mature into fully functioning Incorporated Associations but for now we are following the lead of Spikeball USA and supporting grassroots communities to grow at their own pace.

Phew, glad that we've got that out of the way.

Basics of Forming a Club

Find Four Players

There's no use having three!

The first thing to do is find other ballers like you. Here are some of our suggestions if you haven't already done so:

- Find your Roundnet Community on Facebook

- Download the Spikeball App

- Register for a Tournament

- There's always old school recruitment, but we assume you've already done that!

Forms & Registration

Once you have your founding members, you need to enrol as members and register your Club*.

Membership is $10 per person per year and your club will be registered when at least four members have completed the form below and their membership fees are paid in full (subject to approval of application). 

We will then send you a welcome pack and explain how you can score your club some sweet perks. 

*Membership is to the Australian Roundnet Association, the governing body of Roundnet in Australia. 

Play, play, play

Congratulations! You are now a Recognised Roundnet Club!

We want to support new clubs and nurture the growth of existing clubs through fun, healthy competition. 

You can host weekly pickup games, run your own tournaments, challenge other clubs and host invitationals when visiting Roundnet teams are in town.