Seriously, "The Hitmen" Won?! by Jennifer Barsevich


On December 7th, 2020  I Jenna Barsevich a Canadian Ambassador of Spikeball organized a 28 team tournament hosted by the ASB Sports Centre in Wellington, New Zealand. With the help of Alex Britton from Ignite Sports we were able to bring 14 Spikeball nets to be played across 4 courts. Participants registered in two divisions; beginner which had 16 teams and competitive with a total of 12 teams. The entire night went off without a hitch and we had heaps of new players within Wellington come out and give it a go.

Huge congratulations goes out to Jesse Will who took home the beginner division championship and The Hitmen who took home the Competitive division championship. I have organized and facilitated weekly Spikeball sessions through the ASB Sports Centre since January 2020 and have seen a lot of growth throughout the year.

A huge thank you goes out to Roundnet New Zealand & Spikeball for supporting the event and providing us a couple sets to give away as prizes so we can continue to grow Spikeball throughout Wellington and all of New Zealand.

This was the 3rd tournament I have organized here in Wellington and was by far the most successful one and I am so excited to see where we can take it to in the future.

Keep Calm and Spike On!

by Jennifer Barsevich