Sydney Slam - Tournament Registration - New Date - 28th November

Sydney Slam - Tournament Registration - New Date - 28th November

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To play at our Sydney Slam you need to register a team of two players. Purchasing this item is for one player only. Both players will need to purchase their individual registration. 

At checkout both players will need to enter their team in the 'Company Name' field. 

Date: 28th November 2020

Time: 9am

Venue: Mason Park, Homebush. See map below. 

What to expect: Awesome people (we only let awesome people come), lots of people trying something new, plus some of Australia's best Roundnet players

Registration: Closes 26th November or unless we have reached capacity. 

Early bird: $15 per person.

Tournament Style: The tournament will be played in two sections. The first part of the day is heaps of fun. It's kind of like speed dating. Lots of quick games with just enough organisation to keep everything running smoothly. The second part of the day is your chance to show us what you've got. With both a winners and losers (not-winners if you prefer) bracket your team can walk away with a ranking. And yes, the final is a big deal. There's a lot on the line. Imagine the respect!

What about all the other important details? Sign up and we'll let you know! 

But seriously, if you have any questions head to our Contact page and get in touch. 

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